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Muskogee Public Schools

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Since before statehood, Muskogee Public Schools has invested in the lives of students and in the life of the community. As you look throughout the district, you will find a spirit of enthusiasm and excitement. You’ll see educators who are warm and inviting and students who are engaged. Together, we are committed to every heart, every mind, every day. There's something special here. That's why we call it The Muskogee Way.

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Muskogee Public Schools is the educational choice in eastern Oklahoma that provides expanded co-curricular offerings. MPS houses competitive, state-of-the-art programs and facilities that allow students to explore their curiosities, develop a sense of understanding about their world, and belong to something bigger than themselves. The district resides approximately 50 miles southeast of the Tulsa metro area in an urban-suburban community with nearby agricultural areas and a growing business and an industrial base.

Serving approximately 5,000 students, the district has one early childhood center (Pre-K), 5 elementary schools (grades K-5), a magnet arts academy (grades K-8), 6th & 7th Academy, 8th & 9th Academy, one high school (grades 10-12), an Innovation Academy, and Early College High School program. 

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THERE'S ONLY ONE ROUGHER. The Muskogee Rougher mascot is the unique blend of history, legacy, and spirit. Central High School won the 1925 football state championship and the team was nicknamed the "Roughers" by a journalist who noted their aggressive play which was performed without helmets due to lack of funding. Central High School and Manual Training High School integrated to become Muskogee High School. At that time in the 1970's, the new Muskogee High School mascot borrowed from both schools. The mascot featured a bulldog depicted as roughneck symbolizing Manual Training High School's bulldog mascot and the roughneck symbolizing Central High School's nickname and the Oklahoma oil industry. In 2019, Muskogee Public Schools refreshed the mascot branding and district logos including an updated spirit and athletic logo. The new logo features the Rougher Dog encompassed in a shield wearing a hard hat and flanked by an oil derrick. Today, the Muskogee Roughers are an icon due to a rich history and enduring tradition. 

There will never be another Rougher. Both the mascot and the term “Roughers” are copyrighted by the district.

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