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Instructional Calendar

The Muskogee Public Schools Instructional Calendar represents a one-year overview of instructional days, holidays, and breaks. Each instructional calendar  is carefully developed through a committee comprised of administrators and certified staff members which make a formal recommendation to the Board of Education for approval. The district plans to approve instructional calendars two years in advance. 

2023-2024 INSTRUCTIONAL CALENDAR (Updated Sept. 2023)


Athletic Calendars

Muskogee Public Schools athletic calendars can be viewed by visiting the link below. 



Work Calendars

The Muskogee Public School Work Calendars represents a one-year overview of work days, holidays, and breaks for each classification of employee. Each work calendar is carefully developed by administrators and submitted to the Board of Education for approval. 

2023-2024 Work Calendars
246 Work CalendAR - 2023-24

210 WORK CALENDAR - 2023-24

190 WORK CALENDAR - 2023-24

180 WORK CALENDAR - 2023-24

174 WORK CALENDAR - 2023-24


Payroll Calendar

The Muskogee Public School 2023-24 Payroll Calendar is linked below. 

2023-24 MPS Payroll Calendar