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Processes and Procedures

Processes and Procedures

Activity Fund Manual FY 2023

OCAS Manual updated July 2022

OCAS Manual with hyperlinks (no local codes) July 2021

New Procedures for Activity Fund Purchased Services In-District effective July 1 2021

Travel Procedures August 2021

Travel Reimbursement Directions Aug 2021

Travel Policies & Procedures August 2021

Budget Report Library

Budget Report Instructional

Budget Report Prior Year Library for Accreditation

FORM Activity Fund - Treasury Slip

FORM Activity Fund - Treasury Slip with Breakdown

FORM Activity Fund - Student Cash Roster

FORM Activity Fund - Inventory Reconciliation

FORM - Activity Fund - Fundraiser Reconciliation

FORM Activity Fund- Cash Register Reconciliation Book Fair

FORM Activity Fund- Budget Amendment Form

FORM Activity Fund- Affidavit

FORM Activity Fund- Fundraiser Request

FORM Activity Fund - Activity Account Balancing Ledger

FORM Activity Fund - Budget Form

FORM Unauthorized Purchasing Procedure

Cash Handling Procedures for Secretaries/Activity Fund Custodians

Cash Handling Procedures for Rougher Kidz Quest 

Nonkickback Statement

Open PO Report - alio

Expenditure Report - alio

Budget - Account Inquiry by Account Mask - alio

Book Fair Guidance

alio- Cash Receipt Guidance

Generate Library Budget in alio

Ocas Code Cheat Sheet-often used codes

alio- Budget Lookup General Fund

alio Account Code Inquiry


Alio - Budget Report Guidance

alio Approving Requisitions

Cash Handling Procedures for Teachers

Lost Books

OCAS Guide

Student Refunds

Student Travel Policy

Start Up Cash

Start up Cash -Book Fair

OCAS Coding Scenarios

Adding codes & Moving Budgets

alio-Changing Default Years in Req Entry

alio-Entering Receiving Records

alio- Deleting Receiving Records

alio-Entering Blanket Requisitions

alio-Entering Line Item Requisitions

alio-Correcting Errors on Requisitions that have been Disapproved by AP

alio-Misc Tips

alio-Home Screen & Viewing Requisition Messages

alio-Purchase Order-Paid or Closed? How to know

alio-Purchase Order Inquiry/Lookup

alio-Requisition Inquiry/Lookup

alio- Viewing Receiving Records

OCAS Code Dimenstion Breakdown

OCAS Code Dimension Breakdown #2 Segment by Segment

alio- Icons

alio- Requisition Status

alio-Open Purchase Order Report

alio-OCAS dimension /segment definitions #3

alio-Life Cycle of a Purchase Order

alio-Vendor Inquiry

Energy Saving Program Guidelines-Pay Treasurer @ BEST Center-Medical forms to HR Depart.