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Muskogee Public Schools

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State Report Cards & School Profiles

The Oklahoma State Department of Education strives to provide transparency for all Oklahoma students by providing tools and data-driven information to school administrators, educators, parents and communities to identify areas of success and improvement. This tools include district and school site report cards and school profile reports.

In 2011, the Oklahoma Legislature adopted a school grading system to provide incentives to schools for challenging all students to reach high levels of college and career readiness. This grading system is based on the concept that parents and community members should be able to quickly and easily determine how schools are performing.

The school report card comprises four sections: academic achievement, academic growth, English Language Proficiency Assessment progress, and chronic absenteeism for elementary and middle school sites.The high school sections include academic achievement, English Language Proficiency Assessment progress, chronic absenteeism, graduation and post-secondary opportunities.

Report cards for Muskogee school sites can be found at These scores are based on test scores taken by students during the spring semester.