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Performing Arts Center Renovations

Performing Arts Center Renovations


  • New Paint                                           $30,000.00

  • New Windows, Storefront, Doors    $88,000.00

  • New Theater Seats                            $250,000.00

  • New House Lights                             $160,000.00

  • New Sound System                           $165,000.00

  • Replaced Carpet (2023)                     $35,000.00

  • New Fine Suppression Line (2023)  $110,000.00


         TOTAL                                                 $838,000.00

As you can see, we are fully committed to improving our facilities and this renovation will allow students to have a Performing Arts space they deserve. These items were not included in the 2019 bond, but we came in under budget on a few projects and this left us with funding to use on this project.  



Dr. Jarod Mendenhall


Muskogee Public Schools