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Muskogee Public Schools

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Long Range Planning Committee


In October 2018 the Muskogee Public Schools Board of Education commissioned the Long Range Planning Committee to make formal recommendations regarding the following items. 

  • Land Acquisition
  • Boundary Changes 
  • Grade Configuration
  • Bond Referendums


Committee Members

The Long Range Planning Committee consists of 32 community stakeholders chosen by board members and the superintendent to serve as a representative of the district. This group consists of business owners, parents, teachers and employees who have a vested interest in the future of the district. Current members of the Long Range Planning Committee are listed below. 

Aanje Wilkerson

Gina Batie

Kristi Hoos

Alyson Madewell

Ginger James

Lisa Yahola

Amy Pool

Heidi Watson

Marlon J. Coleman

Angela Wilson

James Platter

Markus Moore

Bethany Bowline

Jana Dunlap

Perline Boyattia

Brian Doerner

Jay Updike

Reggie Cotton

David Eaton

John Barton

Rory Lynch

Dennis Wilhite

Julie Elgin

Suzie Buck

Derryl Venters

Julie Watson-Ledbetter

Toya Tate

Dr. Edwyna Synar

Karra Wardour

Tracy Cole

Elizabeth Ross

Kim Fleak  


For bond information, visit:

2019 Muskogee Public Schools Bond



Direct all inquiries for the Long Range Planning Committee to Carla Cooper at or (918) 684-3700.