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Rougher Youth Sports Academy

Rougher Youth Sports Academy (RYSA)

The Rougher Youth Sports Academy (RYSA) is a cooperation between the Muskogee Public Schools Athletic Department and the Muskogee Police Department to provide year-round recreational sports programs to the City of Muskogee’s youth.  This partnership will bring together both city and school officials to create an organized and dynamic mix of sports offerings.


RYSA is created to help shore up a community need for effective youth sports programs. Providing highly organized and dynamic programming for elementary and middle age school students is a community service both Muskogee Public Schools and the Muskogee Police Department care deeply about.

Educating students as early as possible is a core component to providing great academic education and the same is true for athletics. RYSA enables MPS to reach students beyond the classroom and help develop positive habits (health/wellness, social/emotional skills, character) as well as sport-specific skills at an early age and convenient location. Similarly, establishing early connections with constituents is a key component of policing the City of Muskogee. As Officers form bonds with Muskogee youth and their families, the lasting connections will help create and sustain positive relations between citizens and Officers.



RYSA will offer a variety of programs throughout the school year to students in grades second through sixth. More grades will be included in future leagues. Students from all over the Muskogee community, including other districts, are welcome to participate. The leagues will be facilitated with zero to minimal cost to Muskogee families. Practices will range from one to two nights per week.


For more information or if you have questions regarding RYSA, please contact Lou Dawkins or at 918-684-3775.



For more information, please contact:

Jason Parker, J.D., CMAA
Director of Athletics

James Platter
Assistant Director of Athletics